SYRACUSE – The Wawasee Community School Corp. Board held a public meeting Tuesday on its 2015 budget, capital projects fund and bus replacement plans. No public comments were made.
“This is not unusual,” said Superintendent Tom Edington. “In 19 years of these public hearings I have seen only one person.”
The  estimated budget is just over $47.9 million; capital projects funds are $8,054,000; and the bus replacement amount for next year is $585,200.
The board will vote to adopt the budget at its next meeting, Sept. 9.
In other business, the board approved support services and certified personnel recommendations including:
• Resignations of Roberta Craig as Wawasee Middle School special education paraprofessional; Kari Walmer as WMS special education instructor; Kristina Holmes as Milford kindergarten paraprofessional; and Lindsey Gunderson as Wawasee High School special education paraprofessional, so she may teach science at WMS.
•  Employment of Kristina Holmes for Milford kindergarten; Melissa Nabinger for Syracuse Title I paraprofessional; Andrew Hepler for Syracuse kindergarten paraprofessional; Sonya Wroblewski as WHS special education paraprofessional; Michelle Graber for special education secretary; and Debbie Hardesty for homebound instruction for Syracuse elementary.
• Transfer of Jason Scott from science teacher to special education teacher at WMS; Jennifer Coy from cafeteria worker at WMS to Syracuse; and Chris Sindelar from a five-hour special education paraprofessional to a 5.75-hour position at WMS.
• Granted a leave of absence to Ashleigh Helfrich, Syracuse kindergarten instructor, from Jan. 5 to the end of the school year.