Warsaw Board of Zoning Appeals Monday approved three variances from development standards.
The first variance was a request from Doug Neville to allow an oversized shed accessory structure on the southeast side of his property at 505 Oldfather St.
Board member Rick Keeven made the motion, seconded by Tammy Dalton.
The petitioner has made two requests for the property to build an oversized accessory building and to place it on the southwest side of the property.
Accessory structures are not permitted in front yards and they are limited in size in residential districts.
The petitioner requested a 1,200-square-foot building and the lot is 15,800 square feet. The home on the lot has an approximately 560 square foot print.
“I collect antique cars and want to get everything in the location,” Neville said.
Another variance approved was to allow a shed in the front yard at 1119 Lakeshore Drive. The board approved the shed to be 10 feet away from the road.
Board member Rick Keeven made the motion, seconded by Jack Wilhite.
The petitioner is replacing an existing accessory building with a new structure. The current building is under the size required to get a permit for construction.
Another variance was a request by Paul J. Westberg Jr. to allow a 10-foot variance from the fence setback   at 3700 Shawnee Drive.
The property is a corner lot on the intersection of a subdivision entrance and a country road.
Tammy Dalton made the motion, seconded by Ron Shoemaker.