Warsaw Plan Commission Monday approved a preliminary plat for the Warsaw Technology Park.
The park is on 39.43 acres of land at CR 300N and Silveus Crossing in Warsaw.
Petitioner West Hill Development, who owns the land, requested the preliminary plat.
This is the first step in completing the new technology park the city and West Hill Development has been working on the past two years.
The subdivision consists of four new lots with an average size of nine acres and will include the extension of sewer, water and storm infrastructure as well, according to City Planner Jeremy Skinner.
The plans have been reviewed by the Building and Planning Department  for conformance to the subdivision, storm water control and erosion control ordinances.
Skinner said Polk Drive will have a side path that will come up Silveus Crossing and run down CR 300, and there will be a bridge with a pedestrian path that will go to Shelden Street.
“People will be able to walk or bike from the tech park to the commercial area on Shelden Street,” Skinner said.
Margaret Hendrixson, who lives north of where the technology park will be built, said trees will need to be taken down for dirt to be moved to where the development will be built.
Skinner said there will be landscaping requirements that need to be met, including one tree per every parking space.
“We want it to look nice obviously,” Skinner said.
Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer swore in new board member Jeff Beeler, who replaces Lacy Francis.