Warsaw Traffic Safety Commission Wednesday approved upgrading signage at St. Anne’s Church, West Market Street, Warsaw.
Curt Singrey, St. Anne’s Church board member, who is in charge of building and grounds, attended Wednesday’s meeting requesting crosswalk markings on Market Street.
Singrey said the church’s parking lot across from the church is unsafe for visitors to get to without a crosswalk. He said the church also put in a playground next to the church they decided to leave open for neighborhood children and wanted a safe path for the children to get to the playground.
There also are a lot of walkers in the neighborhood that walk over railroad tracks and they are cutting across the church’s parking lot on Market Street.
“There isn’t really a good crosswalk in that area,” Singrey said. “We are not only concerned about our church members, but it would be a shame if a kid in the community got hit trying to go to the playground, and no one wants to see anyone get hurt.”
Instead of a crosswalk, the commission approved upgrading pedestrian signage at the church. The signs will be located at the east and west ends of the church.
The commission will make sure the change in signage is working, and if not reconsider crosswalk markings.
In other business, Shuter informed the commission that lane markings with restriping projects will be at Ind. 15 and Ind. 25.
The commission approved installing flags to indicate stop signs at McKinley and Jefferson streets.
Shuter said the commission will discuss the possibility of developing other truck routes besides Jefferson Street in Warsaw.