Warsaw Traffic Safety Commission Wednesday approved posting a speed limit sign at Parent Drive in Warsaw.
A Parent Drive resident who did not attend Wednesday’s meeting requested a speed limit sign be posted.
Parent Drive drive is in Tippe Downs, a senior citizen development behind Walmart.
“There is not currently a speed limit posted and this is a fairly new development,” said Kip Shuter, Warsaw Police Department traffic commission administrator.
Jeremy Skinner, city planner, recommended the speed limit be posted at 25 miles per hour.
“This is a neighborhood street, not a commercial street,” Skinner said.
Dan Robinson, commission member, made a motion to post the speed limit at 25 miles per hour, seconded by Cindy Dobbins, board member.
The commission also reviewed a proposal for a four-way stop at the intersection of Main and Indiana Streets for drivers who are trying to pull out at the intersection and their views  are obstructed by vehicles parked along the road.
During the commission’s July 8 meeting, Cindy Dobbins, commission member, presented the commission with a letter from Jerry Frush, city councilman, requesting a four-way stop at the intersection.
Shuter said traffic counts do not indicate a four-way stop is warranted.
Mike Klondaris, commission member, Wednesday made a motion to revisit a four-way stop proposal in a year after more traffic counts are conducted seconded by Dan Robinson, commission member.
Shuter said according to MACOG standards under stopsign guidelines a stop sign can be placed when there are five or more reported crashes in a year’s period.
Shuter provided crash report data to the commission and said there was only one accident that occurred at the intersection of Main and Indiana Street that does not meet the warrant for a four-way stop.
Traffic counts were done since the July 8 traffic meetings and vehicular volume entering the intersection and the only time traffic exceeds 300 vehicles per hour at Main and Indiana Streets is from noon to 1 p.m. All other hours there  are less than 300 vehicles, Shuter said.
Minimum traffic volumes where a stop sign is warranted is when vehicle volumes entering the intersection from the major street approaches averages at least 300 vehicles per hour for any 8 hours of an average day.
Jeff Beeler, Warsaw street superintendent, said if there is a four-way stop installed traffic could be back logged outside the fire station causing a safety issue.
In other business, Klondaris recommended a do not block intersection sign be placed at the intersection of High and Market Streets as traffic gets backed up.
The commission will look into this request.
Klondaris requested the commission also look at the alley on High Street next to Cox Studio where someone has been parking and there are no designated yellow parking markings.
“Having that car there has started creating a bottle neck,” Klondaris said.
The commission will look into the issue.