A third man has been arrested in connection with a drug investigation in late June.
Buddy A. Greer, 36, of 602 W. Section St., Milford, is in the Kosciusko County Jail on a $25,000 bond on charges of dealing methamphetamine in excess of three grams, a Class A felony; and meth possession in excess of three grams, a Class C felony.
Previously arrested in connection with the June 19 incident were Dana Charles Likens, 26, Auburn, on charges of dealing meth, dealing in a narcotic drug and possession of a narcotic drug; and Jaime Alvarado, 39, San Diego, Calif., on four counts of dealing, delivering or manufacturing methamphetamine; dealing a narcotic drug; multiple counts of conspiracy to commit a felony; and possession of a narcotic drug.
According to a probable cause affidavit, Warsaw Police Department received information that there were illegal drugs at a residence on East Greenhouse Drive in Syracuse on June 19. Officers had just made a controlled purchase of heroin from a woman who had just left the residence.
Officers went to the residence and spoke with a woman who gave consent to search the location.
In the bedroom, officers found Likens sleeping on the bed beside a black bag that contained 20 plastic bags that contained a black tar-like substance, 12 plastic bags of various sizes containing an off-white crystal-like substance, a package of methadone strips, digital scales, empty plastic bags, a glass smoking pipe with residue, cut straw with residue, a black marker, cotton swabs and a black cell phone.
The black tar-like substance tested positive for heroin and the crystal-like substance positive for methamphetamine.
Likens admitted to officers the heroin and meth belonged to him. He said he sold the small bags containing one tenth gram of heroin for $30. He admitted he also was using and selling the meth. He said he was obtaining the heroin from Alvarado.
Likens said he received one half ounce of meth from Alvarado sometime around June 1.
Officers asked Likens to order one ounce of crystal meth from Alvarado and supplied him with a money order for $250, payable to Alvarado.
On June 20, Alvarado advised Likens he had sent the package to Greer at 602 W. Section St., Milford. Officers conducting surveillance observed Greer exit the apartment carrying a white package and enter a white Camarao that was registered to Greer.
Officers followed Greer  to a gas station and observed Likens enter the white Camaro. Officers observed the Camaro drive around the block and return to the Marathon Station and observed Likens exit the vehicle with a white package.
Officers met with Likens and obtained the white package. They opened it and found a rubber balloon  containing a clear plastic bag that contained a white crystal-like substance that tested positive for meth.
Greer admitted he had received the package of meth from Alvarado. He also said he had receieved another package of meth from Alvarado a couple months ago. He told officers  he had also sold meth to three other subjects.
On June 25, officers received information that Alvarado was in Warsaw and gave a description of the vehicle. A WPD officer observed a vehicle matching the description of Alvarado’s and conducted a traffic stop.
The officer found there was an arrest warrant for Alvarado from Goshen Police Department.
Alvarado was arrested and the officer counducted an outer air search of the vehicle with his canine, who alerted officers to the presence of illegal drugs. The officer found digital scales with residue, a glass smoking pipe with white burnt residue and marijuana.
Officers transported Alvarado to Kosciusko County Jail, where a search turned up a black mesh pouch. The black tar-like substance  in the bag tested positive for heroin and the white crystal substance tested positive for meth.
Alvarado told officers he was taking blame for all of his actions and would not incriminate anyone else, according to the affidavit, and that he was bringing heroin into the U.S. from Tijuana, Mexico, inside his rectum.