Moviegoers to Friday night’s Warsaw premier of Ken Strong’s “My Elusive Mychele” not only got to witness its first showing but, to their complete surprise, the wedding of Strong and the film’s executive producer, Corie Cox.
The event, held at the Warsaw Community High School Performing Arts Center, began by greeting guests with a red carpet entrance. Through all the glamour and excitement, little did the attendees know what was in store for after the show.
At the end the romantic film, chronicling Strong’s relationship with the love of his youth, a video ran of his proposal to Cox in a hot air balloon, flying over many of the locales used in the film, and ending with a caption saying they were married April 25, the night of the premier. To gasps of surprise and cheers from the audience, the curtain opened to Strong in a tux and Cox in a flowing white wedding gown, standing ready to take their vows.
Strong is a career flight paramedic on a helicopter based in Fort Wayne. According to his press release, he also has a production company on the side and primarily focuses on film production for local commercial clients and private events. In 2009 he wrote a memoir titled “My Elusive Mychele” – a pet name 21-year-old Strong gave his 18-year-old sweetheart Michele – that followed their relationship and the time spent with his first “true love.”  Changes in their lives – jobs, college, a move to northern Indiana – saw them separate, and years of wondering if that same true love could ever again be found culminated with his memoir becoming a book, and then the book turning into a full-feature film.
According to Ken, the book was the closure to that first-love relationship. The movie was about the journey to Corie.  The wedding was a plan devised by the two of them.
Guests at the premier included family, friends, cast, crew and local people who either appeared in the movie or were associated with the many local places used in filming. Cox worked with Strong for at least 18 months, and the time spent together cemented their relationship. Together they pulled off what was a complete surprise.
After the vows and a ceremony that included Cox’s children, the couple invited the crowd to share cake and punch at an after-party. Now they are off to a honeymoon, answering Strong’s question of whether he would ever find true love again.