Michael Stinfer, a Republican running as an Independent on the ballot for the State Representative District 22 seat, will accept any form of debate proposed by a candidate or the community, he said in a news release.
Republican candidate Curt Nisly said by phone this morning that  he would agree to participate in a debate as long as there are no conflicts with his campaign schedule.
The Democratic candidate for Indiana’s 22nd House District, David Kolbe, called in the July 28 edition of the Times-Union for a debate among himself, Nisly and Stinfer.
A provided press release stated that Kolbe believes the three candidates seeking to represent the citizens of northern Kosciusko and southern Elkhart counties should appear before the public and outline their reasons for running and why they will best serve the people’s interests in Indianapolis.
Stinfer said he has agreed to the debate.
“I believe open debate is a bedrock of democracy,” Stinfer said in a release Wednesday. “Brave men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice for this freedom, and I will gladly accept on that principle alone.”
Stinfer said the three candidates should have four debates in four different parts of the district and fully welcomes non-reviewed questions.
“Anyone can have an agency send out political mailers with approved messaging, but it isn’t enough. The fact is our community deserves more,” Stinfer said.
He said the community should hear candidates respond to questions in person and in their own words.
“Without debate, people generally won’t truly know the candidate they give their vote. Anything less than debate or a refusal to participate disrespects democracy and every citizen who fights to uphold justice and our freedoms to do so.”    
Nisly said his campaign has not turned any debates down at this point and that if there are any debates, he thinks details are still being worked on.
He said if there are any debates he will need to cross that bridge when he gets to it.
“We do have a campaign strategy and we have been working very hard getting out into the community, but we are following our campaign schedule,” Nisly said. “I think a lot of this talk of debates and not debates are distractions and the opponents are trying to get press time in talking about them without actually doing anything about them.”
Nisly said his opponents are trying to get their name in the newspaper.
“Of course they are getting our name in the newspaper and we appreciate that too, and the more they talk about us, and we will take that,” Nisly said.
Nisly said he does have a very full campaign schedule, and that he is a “legitimate candidate,” while Stinfer only received signatures and Kolbe was unopposed in the Democratic primary.
“We are running a very full campaign around this entire district and we are the only candidate that has won an election in this cycle,” Nisly said. “They have not been through an election. We have and we know what it takes to win.”