NORTH MANCHESTER – One of the first topics of discussion of the North Manchester Town Council Wednesday was the restriction of all animals within town limits at events open to the public.
This does not apply to an animal if it is associated with the festival. If seen in attendance, animals will be removed immediately with the owner, receiving a Class C Infraction.
Council member Tom Dale made sure to insert a statement allowing service animals at events and making them an exception to this ordinance. This will be cleared up at the next meeting.
Town Building Commissioner Bernie Ferringer announced an accepted proposal for a daycare center to be located on Market and 8th streets. There will be a minimum 30 parking spaces with an estimated 20 employees.
“That’s kind of based off the potential expansion (the daycare) sees with clients,” Ferringer said. “The numbers they have now could go up by 50 percent.”
Ferringer also mentioned the possibility of paving 8th Street because the parking lot connected to the daycare will be paved.
New Parks and Recreation Director Jennifer Hotchkiss said she has “been busy in the two months I’ve been here.” She has been busy hiring counselors for summer camp that is quickly approaching.
Hotchkiss said magic is the theme for the summer camp this year. One of the lifeguards at the pool currently knows some magic and plans to teach the children some tricks while at camp.
Hotchkiss also mentioned the pool has been very busy with physical education classes from local schools. She said they have been having fun with relays, learning how to dive and also belly flops. Next week, the pool will be filled with visiting fourth-graders.
Tree Commission Chair Ruth Ann Schlitt discussed one of the “best Arbor Days” she had experienced last Friday. Children were taught the value of trees, and at the end of the day each child left with a 3-year-old Norway Spruce tree with planting and care instructions included.
“If (the children) planted their trees, we would have a forest growing in no time,” Schlitt said.
The next town council meeting is June 4 at 7 p.m.