A Warsaw man was arrested Saturday after allegedly beating a woman so severely she was hospitalized.
According to an affadavit filed by the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office, a Warsaw Police Department officer responded Saturday to a battery in the 800 block of East Center Street, Warsaw. Upon arrival, the officer found a female subject with a bruised and swollen right eye and lip and bruising on her arms.
The woman told the officer that Steven Trowbridge, 43, Warsaw, became angry and punched her twice in the face. She also stated Trowbridge had been beating her for the past two days.
The woman was transported Kosciusko Community Hospital for the possibility of internal head trauma due to the severity of the bruising on her face.
The officer later spoke with Trowbridge who said he was sleeping when he woke up and found the woman slumped over the arm of the couch. He said he thought she had hit her face on the corner of the trim to the opening between the kitchen and living room, but told police he was not sure because he had been asleep.
Trowbridge also told police approximately one month ago, he pushed the woman and she fell, hitting her head on the edge of a table. He said he was not sure if she lost consciousness but she went to sleep after she hit her head.
Trowbridge was arrested Saturday on one count of battery resulting in serious bodily injury and one count of domestic battery and held in the Kosciusko County Jail on a $2,000 bond.