INDIANAPOLIS – Two pieces of legislation authored by State Rep. Dave Wolkins (R-Warsaw) were signed into law by Governor Mike Pence Wednesday.
House Enrolled Act  1183 requires recycling collectors to submit an activity report to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.
Currently, Indiana does not have a way of identifying how much material is recycled each year. The legislation also establishes a statewide goal of recycling at least 50 percent of all municipal waste.
“This legislation develops a common sense approach to increasing our state’s recycling rate by establishing a state goal and implementing a data collection process,” Wolkins said. “This accountability measure is a crucial first step toward responsible substantiality and increased efficiency of recycling in Indiana.”
HEA 1343 repeals outdated language concerning scooters and motorized bicycles and adds definitions for classes of motor-driven cycles. Motor-driven cycles will be placed into two categories: Class A and Class B. Class A motor-driven cycles are those that have a cylinder capacity greater than 50 cubic centimeters, and Class B are those with a capacity of 50cc and less.
Operators of Class A motor-driven cycles must hold a valid driver’s license and have insurance. Individuals operating a Class B motor-driven cycle are required to have a motor-driven cycle endorsement on a state-issued ID card but do not need insurance.
“Keeping motorists safe and holding operators of motor-driven cycles accountable is the intent of this legislation,” Wolkins said. “Not requiring Class B operators to have insurance provides a way for individuals with suspended licenses to get to and from work in order to support their families and get back on track.”
HEA 1343 requires operators of both classes to register their motor-driven cycle with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and display a license plate. Each class will have a different color of license plate to help law enforcement distinguish their categories more clearly.