Democratic Candidate for Indiana’s 22nd House District, David Kolbe, has called for a debate among himself, Republican Curt Nisly and Independent Michael Stinfer.
A provided press release states that Kolbe believes the three candidates seeking to represent the citizens of northern Kosciusko and southern Elkhart counties should appear before the public and outline their reasons for running and why they will best serve the people’s interests in Indianapolis.
Kolbe is open to any debate format.  Kolbe is open to answering any unscreened questions from the audience in a town hall format, or will also consent to moderator only questions. Kolbe also has no preference as to the location or time of the debate.
In order to inform the maximum amount of voters of the positions of the respective candidates, Kolbe would like this debate to be broadcast by local media outlets. Kolbe is open to suggestions by the other candidates as to who is best qualified to moderate the debate.