Photos by Gary Nieter, Times-Union
Photos by Gary Nieter, Times-Union
Pendry Powder Coatings Inc., 275 W. CR 250N, Warsaw, was destroyed by fire early today.
George Pendry, owner of the business, said an electrical fire broke out above the ceiling around 7:45 a.m. He and employees spotted the fire and attempted to extinguish it, but Pendry said the fire was too deeply embedded in the rafters.
“We almost had it out, but our fire extinguishers ran out,” he said.
Firefighters were on the scene in minutes, but the rapidly moving fire quickly spread throughout the attic and engulfed the entire structure. The company, in business for 15 years, employs approximately 16 workers and provides services to several local companies, including powder coating aluminum rake handles for Midwest Rake.
Fire departments from around the area responded, included Warsaw’s ladder truck (bottom photo) which was used to attack the blaze from above. The photo at top is a view from the southeast at the height of the blaze.
Because smoke and irritants form the blaze wafted northwest over two nearby car dealerships, Hazmat personnel were on the scene. No evacuations were necessary.