ETNA GREEN – After hearing the town’s assessed value is down 15 percent, spelling further cuts to the next budget, Etna Green Town Council lowered the current budget by $19,000 Tuesday to cover it.
Council voted to reduce major purchases in the motor vehicle highway fund by $15,000 and Cumulative Capital Improvement by $3,899 in order to cover the shortfall of the same amount in the 2015 budget. The need for the reduction next year was relayed by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance during a recent meeting with town Clerk-Treasurer Laura Baker.
Also Tuesday, council approved $18,000 for work on the water tower by Leary Construction Co.; and up to $400 to rent the street sweeper from the nearby town of Bourbon for two days. They expect the actual cost asked by the town will be less than the $250 a day to rent a sweeper from a business.
Earlier in the meeting, council members and Water Superintendent Barry Baker tried to wrap their heads around how a residence could rack up a $700 bill for 53,000 gallons of water in a two-week period in late June – and then zero gallons on the next bill. Doug Davis, owner of the rental property, said it was vacant during that time but that there was no evidence of leaks.
“I’m honestly dumbfounded. That much water is unbelievable,” Barry Baker said.
The town will see if there was a corresponding spike at the wastewater treatment plant and decide if they should adjust the bill.