Warsaw City Council Monday reviewed 2015 non-profit budget requests.
The council will review departmental budget requests during its Aug. 21 meeting at 6 p.m. at city hall.
Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County is requesting $19,000. It received $17,500 in the 2014 budget.
Darla McCammon, AWL executive director, said the reason for the funding increase is that the shelter is in the process of a capital campaign for a new and remodeled facility.
She said the new shelter could be a place for welcoming the community and attracting new citizens. She said AWL is seeking a grant from the Dekko Foundation to add a multi-purpose room at the new shelter to educate visitors on responsible pet ownership and to have summer camp there.
McCammon said the average shelter the same size as the AWL adopts seven to 10 pets a month, but the AWL adopts 70 to 100.
“These are impressive statistics in a facility that is in need of repair,” McCammon said.
The existing facility has shredding insulation, lack of storage, rusting and eroding walls, uneven and unsafe floors and lab areas that are too small and overcrowded.
Kosciusko Area Bus Service is requesting the same amount it did last year, $18,500. KABS also is requesting an additional $10,000 to assist in matching federal dollars for a new bus.
Kevin Planck, KABS general manager, said KABS has the opportunity to purchase two new replacement buses in 2014 and Indiana Department of Transportation grant dollars have already been approved for the purchases.
KABS is required to identify a local match for one or both buses in order to receive them.
One bus at $42,562 will be available to KABS and the city will use it if they are able to identify a $10,000 local match. KABS is requesting the city provide the match for one of the buses.
KABS has also requested $10,000 from the Kosciusko County Commissioners for the bus.
Planck said KABS provided 45,500 rides last year, 83 percent with Warsaw as the  destination or pickup. There are 57 percent of riders who have physical conditions and can’t drive and 67 percent of passengers who consider KABS as their primary mode of transportation.
Approximately 3,500 rides were medical related last year; 13,000 were for employment; 4,000 for shopping and 1,000 were for getting passengers to places of education.
The City-County Athletic Complex is requesting in 2015 the same as it received in 2014, $31,000.
Karl Swihart, CCAC director, said the organization has six adult tournaments remaining that end in October with 100 to 150 teams and two youth tournaments with 40 teams.
Possible new programs for 2015 are a 5K this year and starting a travel baseball and girls fast pitch club next year. Swihart also said the CCAC parking lot is in need of repairs.
Cindy Dobbins, councilwoman, said she had received comments from tournament participants who complimented the CCAC on its management and the condition of the fields.
Warsaw Housing Authority is requesting $30,000, the same as this year, and Housing Opportunities of Warsaw is requesting $25,000, after receiving $17,300 in 2014.
Kosciusko County Economic Development Corp. is requesting $50,000, the same amount it received in 2014.
Warsaw Community Development Corp. is requesting $12,600, the same amount it received in 2014.
Center For Lakes and Streams at Grace College is requesting $5,000, a first time request. The organization’s focus is to make local lakes and streams clean, safe and healthy through engaging education, applied research and collaboration. The funding will be used for logjam removal on Tippecanoe River, Winona Lake algae analysis and local stream sampling.
Nate Bosch, Center director, said the organization is studying E. coli at public swimming beaches at Pike and Center lakes. The organization also is monitoring streams coming into Winona Lake as a possible indicator for these toxins.
The council also reviewed city department 2015 budget requests.
The human resources budget request is $176,310; it received $157,214 in 2014. The mayors budget request is $144,087, and it received $138,062 in 2014.
The clerk-treasurer budget request is $165,697, and it received $182,096; and the common council budget request is $1,221,306 and it had received $1,168,799.
In other business the council approved a $3,000 transfer request from Oakwood Cemetery from salaries and wages into repair and maintenance. The reason for the transfer is new tracks for the track hoe.
The Economic Development Income Tax fund is $1,143,000. There is $50,000 for a local economic development contract, $10,000 for Orthoworx membership and $300,000 for the Market Street engineering work. There also is $450,000 for Husky Trail construction.
The riverboat fund budget is being proposed at $100,000. There is $100,000 for capital projects for a bridge project on CR 300N next year.
The cumulative capital development budget is being proposed at $500,000, with $200,000 for a stormwater capital improvement project and $50,000 for other capital expenses.