Warsaw City Council reviewed 2015 departmental budget proposals Monday night.
The 2015 budget is proposed at $26,048,606. The 2014 budget was $24,684,541. This is a $1,364,065 or 5.5 percent increase.
The building and planning department budget is proposed at $546,585, a $23,430 or 4.5 percent increase. Employee benefits are up 13 percent and there is a three percent salary increase for building and planning department employees.
The fire territory operating fund budget is proposed at $3,883,027, an 11.6 percent or $404,904 increase. The 2015 proposed budget includes a 3.2 percent increase for salaries and wages. Employee benefits are up 13.2 percent.
The professional services budget in 2015 has an $111,000 increase. Included are engineering and architect fees of $160,000 for a third fire station.
The capital outlays budget for 2015 has a $74,800 increase. This increase includes a fill station for Fire Station 2 at $45,000 and a tornado siren for Station 1 at $29,800.
The fire territory equipment replacement fund budget is proposed for 2015 at $1,039,436, a $525,000 increase. The increase is to replace 12 sets of gear at $65,000.
The fire department is requesting to hire two new firefighters in 2015. They also want to repair a scuba apparatus fill station that uses air compressors that fill air packs that go on firefighters’ backs.
Elaine Call, council woman, requested the city consider having funds in the budget that could be used to install a tornado siren on the south side of the city.
The Warsaw Police Department budget for 2015 is proposed at $4,621,044, a $441 increase over 2014. The department is requesting to purchase four vehicles at $28,500 each in 2015.
The council approved a $20,000 transfer from salaries to repairs and maintenance to allow WPD to replenish a portion of funds for repaving the department’s visitor parking lot.
Warsaw Parks and Recreation budget is proposed at $2,142,182, an eight percent or $161,370  increase.
There is $70,000 in the budget for acquisition of park land; $23,700 for repairing and resurfacing the Pete Thorn Center north parking lot; and $30,000 for replacing playground equipment at Richardson-Dubois Park. The parks department is requesting to purchase a new pickup truck for $25,000 to replace a 2001 truck.
The parks department is requesting an additional $10,000 for Greenway trail boardwalk replacement. There is an issue with boards sticking up on the boardwalk behind Kosciusko Community Hospital, according to Larry Plummer, parks superintendent.
Oakwood Cemetery budget is proposed at $577,654, a $2,492 or .4 percent increase.
Salaries and wages are up $8,352 or three percent and benefits are up $9,794, a 6.6 percent increase.
The cemetery is requesting to purchase a new mower for $14,000; attachments for the skid loader for $18,425; and a new computer and software for $3,996.
The cemetery permanent fund budget is $20,000 for concrete repair and lights for the front gate and $5,000 for tree planting.
Warsaw Municipal Airport budget is proposed at $731,266, a $20,421 or 2.7 percent decrease.
Salaries are proposed to be increased by three percent or  $6,763.
Employee benefits have decreased by 7.6 percent or $9,184. Utility services decreased by $10,000 and professional services decreased by $5,000.
Warsaw Street Department budget is proposed at $3,810,280, a $151,998 or 4.2 percent increase. There is a $89,590 or 6 percent decrease in salaries due to a reduction in part-time employee numbers – last year there were 12 to 15 part time employees, down to five in 2015.
Warsaw Street Department is requesting an additional $10,000 from its originally requested $150,000 for road salt.
The city will consider earmarking $30,000 for Eisenhower Park Subdivision street lights. Neighbors attended a previous city council meeting requesting that lights be installed for neighborhood safety.
Repair and maintenance supplies have increased $60,000. Also included is $240,000 in debt service which is made up of $110,000 for a garbage truck and trash bin payment; $100,000 for four one-ton dump trucks; and $39,000 for a rear-load garbage truck payment.
Capital outlays for the street department are budgeted at $183,000. The department in 2015 is proposing to purchase a $130,000 medium duty truck with a dump body, plow and spreader; a $10,000 Bobcat excavator; $21,000 for two Bobcat skid loaders; and $22,000 for the two riding lawn mowers.
The council agreed to allow Mike Valentine, city attorney, to draft an ordinance for a three-year general obligation bond to help pay for the street department purchases and possible two WPD cars.
Other 2015 budget proposals include: park non-reverting operating budget, $14,650; motor vehicle highway, $585,000; aviation depreciation, $70,000; local road and street, $150,000; fire pension, $286,929; police pension, $307,720; law continuing education, $26,000; redevelopment allocation, $420,000; redevelopment northern TIF district, $2,391,545; and tech park, $35,000.