WINONA LAKE – A 5K to raise funds for an organization that assists children with special needs returns next month.
The second annual Joe’s Kids 5K Splatter Dash is May 3 at Winona Lake Park.
Joe’s Kids, 3450 Commerce Drive, is an organization that assists children with special needs with physical, occupational and speech therapy.
Currently, the therapists at Joe’s Kids see approximately 60 individual children per week with another 50 children on the waiting list.
When participants arrive at the park they receive a packet of paint powder that they can use to “splatter” themselves and others.
After the initial start and “splatter,” they will get the chance to get more color on themselves throughout the race by running through “splatter stations” which have people waiting for them with water and paint to make sure they don't leave the race colorless.
Blake Schritter, a junior at Warsaw Community High School, is a volunteer for this year’s event. He is leading the sponsorship drive to encourage organizations to serve as sponsors as part of his involvement in Kosciusko Youth Leadership Academy.
KYLA members volunteer hours of service to organizations or businesses that benefit the community.
“I thought this would be a fun project and a great way to support a good cause. I joined the committee responsible for organizing this event and they put me in charge of securing corporate sponsors,” Schritter said.
There have been 32 teams who have registered so far for this year’s race.
The Splatter Dash is being organized by a committee consisting of board members for Joe's Kids and other volunteers committed to making this event a success.
Schritter ran in last year’s race.
“I had a great time. This was something I had a lot of fun doing, but was also helping a great cause,” Schritter said. “The Splatter Dash is important because the proceeds made from the race go towards benefitting the children at Joe's Kids.”
Schritter said if the clinic can be better through these contributions, then in return the services they provide to these children can be improved.
“Joe's Kids offers a great service to the children of our community, but because of poor reimbursement rates, they cannot offer services without financial support,” Schritter said.
People can register to be in the race at
Same-day registration also will be available.  Families of children with special needs are encouraged to participate. Any child with needs will be able to show up on race day and register for free.