Editor, Times-Union:
I sit this morning and wonder why our media in this country is not all over this story. El Watan, an Egyptian newspaper, has ran the story that a group of lawyers have submitted a complaint against Barrack Hussein Obama for crimes against humanity. Here we just thought he was trying to destroy America from the inside out like Bin laden said would happen. This was filed by Amnesty International at the international criminal court. Several other of his brotherhood brothers was also mentioned in the complaint.
The complaint listed Hussein as a accessory to inciting widespread violence in Egypt before and after the June 30 revolution. Then it goes on to lay out a whole explanation of what crimes to humanity  consists of, that ranges from everything from torture to murder. Wow! That’s some pretty shocking stuff to have laid on what’s supposed to be the leader of our country, which he has not really led us anywhere but down.
I had this scary thought the other day. He is not even done with his first re-election year yet we still have three more years left of this. I honestly don’t see how our economy and even our moral fabric that holds it together can last even another year at the rate we are going. He tells lie after lie to us and we sit and do nothing, In my opinion impeachment hearings should have started long ago.
As the train wreck called Obamacare goes rolling down the track, more and more people are losing their insurance and are finding out that it’s going to cost them more to replace. How does this help our elderly and poor? The government says they created all these jobs but where are they? I know people that have a education and can not find a job here at all and we have one of the lowest unemployment rates going. Something does not add up.
I see several of our orthopedic companies scaling back either by cutting of overtime or by hiring temps to work the overtime at less money on the weekend. I solely chalk that up to Obama’s medical device tax, so thank you again, Mr. President.
So some will say I must hate Obama, but in fact I actually pray for this country and Israel and Obama. He is supposed to be leading us forward but it surely feels like we are falling down fast. Somethings got to change. Pray for America, she needs it.
Lonnie Slone
Warsaw, via e-mail