Editor, Times-Union:
God is perfect. We have no doubt. Then why are there gay people? Did God make a mistake? God doesn’t make mistakes.
In my opinion, God made gay people for population control. Who else is going to raise all of those babies that our elected officials say girls and women have to have because of abortion restrictions and laws. If these children are born and unwanted, will we send them to our beautiful orphanages that the U.S. has built recently in every state, fully staffed by caring and screened caregivers that have every child’s best interest at heart? You can ask any child that is in the foster care system and each and every one of them would rather be with parents that love them regardless if they’re gay or straight.
There are no new orphanages. There are plenty of new prisons but no new orphanages. You can say you’re pro-life and anti-gay but Republicans never offer any solutions to go with it. Who will raise the children you force women to have. Thank God gays can’t have children of their own and are caring enough to open their doors to unwanted children. Republicans should welcome the Supreme Court ruling with open arms.
You can’t have it both ways.
Rose Baist