Editor, Times-Union:
After looking at Saturday’s paper and seeing all the new taxes that are coming due to Obamacare, I thought I would ask the simple question of how exactly are we going to pay for it? Maybe we could start by cutting Obama’s and congress’s and all politician’s pay. They have all ready passed a law or something that exempts them from Obamacare, so let them help fund it. I say you want to shove a bill your crazy about down the American people’s throats then you should have to live with it also.
How about we cut funding to terrorist groups and Syrian rebels to help pay for it? We have given over 60 million to Syrian rebels fighting Assad and many of them are members of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. We have given 250 million to the Muslim Brotherhood, which could balloon to one billion if they bring about economic reform.
Obama paints a grim picture of gloom for the American people because of the economy but heaps more taxes upon us while he freely hands out money to the very groups that would rather wipe us and Israel off the map. Israel is the almighty God’s but Obama would prefer to snub the prime minister of Israel and give the new Iranian President a call. Uh, how truthful do you think Iran is going to be with us, Mr. Obama?
I read a article the other day that said 88 percent of the hiring going on now was part-time help and I believe it went back the last couple of years even, why do you think this is? I would guess the employers have figured out if your part time and work less than 36 hours a week then they don’t have to mess with the Obamacare mess.
I have small grandchildren and the future doesn’t look too bright. I pray for this nation and our leaders. I can’t believe how easy some are deceived.
I was asked if I thought Obama was the anti-Christ. I said no. I think he is out to topple the U.S. so he can be ruler or whatever. But the anti-Christ will be even more deceitful and cunning than Obama. What Obama does is just pure ludicrous. Pray if you would for our America, our leaders and Israel and most of all for our young ones that have no idea that what we do shapes their future.
Lonnie Slone
Warsaw, via e-mail