Editor, Times-Union:
County council meeting last night was 50/50. We did get one council members to vote no on the new wheel tax to ruin the unanimous part of it. Bad thing is they are going to meet again next Thursday to take another vote. This one only has to be a majority. We need to convince three more county council members that putting more taxes on us will not fix a broken economy.
So now to all the readers: I implore you, get on the phones! Call your county council members and tell them you don’t want to pay more taxes. An extra $200 a year is a week’s worth of groceries for my family. When you talk to them, tell them we will not agree to more taxes until they do a line by line budget for all departments in the county. Trim the budget from the county before you trim the community’s budget.
Everyone from this county needs to go to that meeting and let their voices be heard. #TaxedEnoughAlready
Justin Risner
Warsaw, via email