Editor, Times-Union:
I detect a bit of downer in your reference to the vaunted myth of democratic rule. Poor Gary hasn’t awoken to the fact that “If voting would change things the elite would make it illegal.”
Between the sheep manufacturing business and mythical democracy lies a giant void.
We are being herded, whether by Wall Street or La Cesspool Grande. The ruling 3 percent class doesn’t care if you vote left or right, democrazy or republicrat, Christian, Jew or Islam, as long as your mind is not allowed to escape from the “Animal Farm.”
Even many of the dullest of sheep gradually wake to the fact that heads you lose, tails you lose. You know, like going from one casino in Vegas across the street to another expecting different results.
When the option of none of the above was suggested years ago, those in power nearly had collective heart attacks. They spent millions trashing that anti-Democratic idea. So people begin to vote with their feet. Not voting!
Don’t forget the official U.S army manual of the ’20s where democracy was described as the worst form of government. Simply because it has never existed. All systems are oligarchy no matter how much lipstick they put on it. It’s still a pig.
Tom Metzger
Warsaw, via email