Editor, Times-Union:
Disclaimer: I am human, therefore not perfect, crazy or stupid.
I hate being lied to, and lied about. I hate being manipulated, used and taken for a fool. I hate when good is repaid with evil, and love repaid with hate. I hate being cheated out of what is rightfully mine by those I’ve put my faith in to do the right thing, and being absolutely devastated when they don’t.
You know who I’m talking about. The president, his czars, his staff, his congress, his career politicians, his media, NSA, TSA, IRS and others. I am being cheated out of my country and my freedom!
Actions speak louder than words, and it’s time to act.  Sometimes you have to be willing to give up every thing and stand alone when it’s the right thing to do, and I don’t think we have one politician willing to do that and impeach this president for leading the world in punishing America.
The NSA has a bullseye on every American as if we are all terrorists. Collecting massive amounts of information on all of us instead of criminals, and real terrorists. They can monitor us through our cell phones and computers even when we aren’t using them.
The TSA? Let’s do like Israel. Enclose passengers one by one in a bomb-proof compartment. If explosives are present, detonate them with their “host.” Genius!
Here’s a good one: Our economy is improving. Is “stupid” tattooed across our foreheads? How many are out of work, had  hours and benefits cut? Pay double or triple for health insurance? Can’t afford groceries, or choose between medicine and food? Can you find a good paying full time job with benefits? Go on a nice vacation, oh, I know, Obama can! Can you afford a full tank of gas? Play golf like a girl every day? Oh, I know!
I’d love to see a newspaper full of Obamacare testimonials, how’s that working for you? Is it free? Affordable? Available? Do you get to keep your tax refund? It is Obama’s fault! Not solely, but mainly.
I cannot comprehend being demonized when you do your level best to live by a moral compass, trying to do right by people and standing for God, family and country. Look at the Tea Party, Americans, busineses, individuals. It’s a shame but expect it, and do good anyways.
May primary is coming with Tea Party Candidates worthy of our votes. I won’t be voting for career politicians with recognizable names.
You know what I love? Those who go above and beyond what’s required or expected to help others when they need it most. You all know who you are. Thank you and God bless you!
Pat Hammons
North Manchester, via e-mail