Editor, Times-Union:
Sometimes knowing who to vote for in a primary election feels like a guessing game. This primary I am excited that there is one race that is totally straightforward.
Torrey Bauer is a 32-year resident of Kosciusko County with 23 years of experience in both criminal and civil law in Kosciusko County Superior Court 2, the very court system in which he is running for judge. In contrast, his opponents have  fewer years invested in full-time private law practice, no years as appointed public defenders (Mr. Bauer has 17 years experience), and only 19 cases and nine cases respectively handled in Superior Court 2 in the past 10 years (to Mr. Bauer’s 243 cases).
If my vote is based on his legal skills and experience alone, Mr. Bauer is clearly the standout candidate. Knowing he additionally has invested in our community with countless volunteer hours in the county he calls home indicates much about his character and his desire to make a difference outside the courtroom, too. Check out his website www.bauerforjudge.com to know more.
Mary Jeane Kraft
Warsaw, via e-mail