Editor, Times-Union:
Hey, you guys, I wrote you last year telling you how to join the fair association here in Kosciusko County.
This year I asked to help out if they needed me so they gave me a spot at the southwest gate directing people that are delivering and coming in to work or help out. As a result I have met the young people that mainly run and operate the carnival rides and exhibits.
Unlike the days of old, these are mostly college people working the summer to raise tuition for the education. What I have found is that they are clean, friendly, smart, kind and polite.
Things do change in this world and sometimes for the better as in this case.
The people that run the Kosciusko County fairgrounds work their hind ends off to make things as fun and safe as humanly possible and they have done an awesome job in my opinion.
I look at every aspect of things in my world and I dig to see the flaws and how things could be improved.
In this case it would be very difficult to find something amiss. I think we should all be so proud of where we live and the people in our community because it is one on the finest in the world.
Now you have one more day depending on when this is published, and I encourage you to find the child inside and go outside to the 98th annual Kosciusko County Fair.
You will be glad you did, you might even see someone you haven’t seen for years and that could change your life by reconnecting with them.
That is what this is all about – our community. No matter how big we get, it is mostly one-on-one, so go see who you forgot you knew.
I’ll be at the southwest gate behind the grandstands next to the petting zoo for the children in all of us.
Michael R Alspaugh
Warsaw, via email