Editor, Times-Union:
Over the last few weeks I have read and watched on TV the news on the Phoenix VA Center problems. Something I have witnessed several years ago from an Indiana VA Center has not been addressed in the news.
My husband belongs to the Marion VA Center and has been going there for a very long time. A couple of years ago I went with him for his regular check up. His appointment was scheduled for 10:30 a.m. He did not get in to see the VA doctor until almost 1:30 p.m. He said that was the first time he ever had to wait that long. When we finally saw the VA doctor he made some comments on the long wait. She informed us that the year the government had cut back on all personnel because of the Obama Administration budget cuts. But the work load of veterans coming in had doubled. We were told that with the budget cuts the Fort Wayne VA Center had shut down some of these facilities and were busing the veterans to Marion VA Center and, yes, we even saw the bus outside the center.
Now on the news these days we hear our president say he was not aware of the problems! First of all the VA Centers are government run. How does he not know? I wonder if this is just another ploy of President Obama passing the buck? Using someone as his scapegoat and the President Obama comes riding in like a white knight to save the VA Centers?
Just like the health care problems. Someone came in to take the blame and a few months later she resigns. These are just a few recent times that our illustrious president has done this when things are not going well for him. He has always found a scapegoat so de does not have to be blamed. As I said before, the VA Centers are ran by the government. So where do the orders come from? It just has puzzled me that our president does not know what was going on but someone in his administration is sending orders for the cut backs. If President Obama does not know what is going on, maybe he should stay home and get informed on these issues.
Jane Butler