Editor, Times-Union:
Last week the Times-Union featured two front-page headlines about the Warsaw Flying Club and an unpaid fuel bill left to us by a former customer.
As president of the Warsaw Flying Club, I would like to apologize to the Board of Airport Commissioners. I take full responsibility for allowing a customer of the Flying Club to run up such a huge bill on the club’s account, for failing to protect the airport from being put in the position they were, and for exposing the Warsaw Flying Club and all our members to embarrassing and undesirable attention and press.
I signed a contract with the Airport Board of Commissioners agreeing to make payments toward that fuel bill without reading it and – because I failed to read it – missed the first payment due within two hours of signing the contract that gave the board the authority to exercise one of several undesirable options.
Therefore, immediately upon realizing my mistake, I used personal money to pay the entire fuel bill in hopes that the Board of Commissioners might show the club grace in spite of my errors.
I have learned a lot from this experience and will not make the same mistake again.
I look forward to doing whatever it takes to repair our relationship with the board and moving forward from here.
Jon Fussle
Warsaw Flying Club