Editor, Times-Union:
In response to Lonnie Slone, please list the exact study you quoted where twins are “wired real close,” because that sounds incredibly scientific. Of course homosexuality isn’t always in every set of twins or every set of siblings, just like every set of twins isn’t identical. I don’t look like my sister because of genetics. I did not wake up one day and choose to be bisexual, I knew at the age of 14. I was raised in a two-parent home full of love and I had straight As. I am not a delinquent. I am monogamous. There’s nothing to fear.
I find it hard to understand how straight people or gender binary (people born with the correct body parts to their brain) people think they know how the rest of us think. I understand you can’t fathom being a different orientation but that’s exactly how I feel, too. It’s OK if you’re afraid of differences, but that doesn’t give you the right to discriminate. Not too long ago there were folks who said similar things about interracial marriage.
The Bible says lots of things most modern Christians don’t follow.  Leviticus bans eating fat from meat, eating scaly fish, going to church 33 days after birthing a son, mixing fibers, planting two seeds in one field, selling land and cutting hair. Do you honestly follow these? I thought the texts said that Jesus dissolved all Old Testament law. Furthermore, Jesus is recorded as not saying a word about homosexuality.
Interestingly, if we are talking about scientific studies, studies have confirmed LGBTQ people are more verbally fluent, more likely to be left handed, have different brain responses to pheromones and better functioning inner ears. It’s all genetics.
I urge you to start understanding differences in people and embrace your chosen religion’s true teachings.
Annie J. Ackles