Editor, Times-Union:
Following are a couple writings I think are in keeping with Veterans Day.
Dear Son,
I’m writing this letter to let you know that I’m OK.
Son, there is something I’d like to say to you. Something that you may be too young to understand now, but someday you will.
Son, never romanticize war, it’s an honorable thing. There is no glory in watching a man die or in the taking of another human life. There is no honor in destruction and no truth in the pain that war causes. War has no beauty, no soul and no expression of love. War is a consuming fire that only man can start. And, once it has started, it seems to burn up all common sense and human kindness. War has no friends, only enemies that want to gain from it. A war is never won because even in victory the loss is devastating to the families of the men who died in that war. A war, son, is started by governments, fought by men and ended only by the Grace of God.
As I sit here in my bunker, I’m thinking of you and your mother at home. I’m praying that you will never have to experience the harsh reality of war.
I’m praying that you will seek to find only things that are good and kind. I ask you to look for beauty and seek for the truth and  knowledge that comes from the heart.
Never hurt anyone but be kind to all. Never belittle a man because of his color or race because God created all men equal. Never lie or take things that don’t belong to you, because once you have, your life will be changed forever. That innocence that you once had will be gone. Always love your mother and do what she says. And, remember, son, I love you forever and no war or any other power on earth can change that.
Love you, Dad
P.S. Happy second birthday
We Were Soldiers
We were soldiers once brothers all
We who answered duties call
Past and present a bond have we
We who fought to keep all free
On distant shores we died and bled
Yet we ask not a tear be shed
We answered to our countries call
All gave some, but some gave all.
Authors Unknown
Submitted by Jack Engler