Editor, Times-Union:
Mr. Michael Stevens’ letter is just one of the many examples of an irresponsible and uninformed response that has been given to the Zimmerman/Martin case. So many groundless statements, it’s difficult to know where to begin.
Martin attacked Zimmerman, Martin threw the first punch, Martin was pounding Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk, Martin chose to confront Zimmerman. The only thing certain about this trial was the fact that no one could conclusively prove what happened that night. Evidence would suggest some things might have happened, but other evidence disputed it. Seriously, if we are to believe that Martin was pounding Zimmerman’s head into the concrete, would he have had two miniscule wounds that needed only a band-aid? The most ludicrous of Mr. Stevens’ comments was about bringing Trayvon Martin up on attempted murder charges if he hadn’t been murdered first. Really?
This was a tragic case of an innocent young man walking home with Skittles and tea who had an overzealous neighborhood watch suspect that something was amiss ... What happened next was a series of events that are not made clear nor were they proven beyond a reasonable doubt. There were two people involved that night and only one of them lives to tell his story.
Please let us use this not to divide, but to come together and try to understand how to behave in such a manner as to avert events like this in the future.
Mr. Stevens ended with some advice to “young blacks” about getting a job and making their lives better. That is the hope for all of our youth regardless of their ethnicity. Let us be about the business of helping all of them reach their goals.
Donna Beer
Milford, via e-mail