Editor, Times-Union:
I’ve recently heard that Warsaw’s director of transportation is retiring this year and that applications are being taken for her position.  I feel like this is Warsaw’s opportunity to have someone new and innovative take over at the bus garage but I’m concerned about who they would give that position to.
Warsaw School Corporation’s mission is “to inspire and equip all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others. The director of transportation is critical for the successful implementation of district-wide safety objectives and efficient transportation for all students. The director must develop and maintain the respect and confidence of their colleagues. The person must have the skills, knowledge and sensitivities for facilitating discussion and decision-making. The director must advocate and communicate for and about district transportation initiatives, as well as all relevant guidelines, codes, regulations and best practice. The director must demonstrate the qualities of enthusiasm, flexibility, perseverance, and punctuality.”
I totally agree with their mission and I feel like they should get some “new blood” in at the bus garage.  I happen to know that one of their current secretaries at the garage has applied and supposedly has been “promised” the position of transportation director by the current transportation director, Della Swain. Now, I ask you, “How can this be, if they are taking applications?” Of course, I’m not an investigative reporter by any means, just a concerned citizen.  I happen to have a child that rides the bus to school and he loves his driver. Our bus drivers have one of the most important jobs in the world and that’s getting our children to school safely. I for one, feel like our bus drivers aren’t paid enough, they don’t even offer our drivers insurance! Changes need to be made and sought after by the new director of transportation.
I have seen the current secretary, Cheryl Cook, out at different social events around the Warsaw area and am disappointed in the example that she sets for the bus garage.  Cheryl happens to be the person that Della Swain has promised the position to as well.  I won’t go into great detail but someone that’s in charge of helping our children get to school safety should be setting the example of a loyal and honest person, not giving certain bus drivers certain information about other bus drivers, etc.
The next director of transportation should be chosen very carefully.  They need a person who has the motivation to do the right thing and get things straightened out at the garage.  The person should be objective and making friends with the drivers shouldn’t be part of the job description.  The new director should be one of high caliber, dedicated to the department and the position and not doing what everyone else tells them to do.  Leaders are not pleasers; Leaders blaze the trail and take the road less traveled.
Josh Peterson
Warsaw, via email