Editor, Times-Union:
My suggestion to the Traffic Panel is to meet with the appropriate committees/departments and see to it the existing laws, such as speed limits, are enforced before making any changes.
The current speed limit on East Fort Wayne is 30 mph. I live two blocks past Park Avenue. Often throughout the day I can hear drivers winding up their engines when they take off from the stop sign at Park Avenue and don’t hear them slowing down until they get to the next stop sign at Scott Street. When I’m outside, I witness the same people speeding down the street several times a week.
To think lowering the speed limit to 25 mph and posting new signs is going to remedy this situation is naïve and out of touch with reality. The drivers who are disregarding the current speed limit do so because they know there are no consequences and will continue to flaunt the law until something is done to enforce it.
I would also suggest our own police department set a better example of obeying the law. A couple of weeks ago a cruiser flew past our house at a speed I would estimate to be over 50 mph – while traveling in the wrong direction on this one-way street. He did have his lights on and, from the incident reports I read later, may have been responding to a domestic dispute. Still, his actions were irresponsible and created a dangerous situation for those who live and travel on this street, including the many young children who are playing in their yards and on the sidewalk.
Until current speed limits are enforced, I am not in favor of seeing any changes.
Chris Mahan
Warsaw, via email