Editor, Times-Union:
I am writing to encourage generous giving of our community,  once again, to the Tootsie Roll Drive this weekend. It is run, locally, by the Knights of Columbus Council 4511 of Sacred Heart Church, Warsaw. But, it is you the people who make this drive a great success every year.
There are approximately 177 Knights of Columbus councils in Indiana. For many years, Warsaw has lead all of Indiana’ councils with the amount of money they collect and donate. This encourages other councils to work even harder. Last year, Bedford actually came in first with over $19,000 in donations and Warsaw second with about $17,000. The goal is not to come in first. The goal is to continue increasing the good work.
Our local council gives much of the money from this to Cardinal Center for their work with disabled adults. The balance of what is collected is a generous donation to the Special Olympics in Indiana. I was so proud of our community when a man highly involved with Special Olympics came up to my husband at the K of C convention in Indianapolis this weekend and said, “Your council in Warsaw gives support to Special Olympics we could not do without.”
Carl Erskine, a World Series winning pitcher with the Dodgers who played with Jackie Robinson, was the inspirational speaker at the convention. His fourth child has Downs Syndrome and he talked about how the work and skills of himself earning his World Series rings held no weight in comparison to the high degree of honor bestowed on his son for his efforts at the Special Olympics.
So, thanks to all the big-hearted people who make that extra effort – some 2 or 3 times in the weekend – to share with those whose lives are changed by what our community makes happen in two days of giving.
Jan Nelson
Winona Lake, via e-mail