Editor, Times-Union:
In honor of the life of Toni Morehead:
Toni recently passed away at the age of 79. She lived most of her life in Warsaw. Kosciusko Home Care & Hospice Inc. is grateful for the impact that Toni’s life had on promoting Home Health Care Services in Kosciusko County. She was a faithful advocate for quality of health care for all.
Toni volunteered her time by serving on our board, helped to raise funds for health care for those in need, and helped to design our building to best serve the needs of others. She shared her passion by writing numerous articles about home health care.
The impact of Toni’s life will continue to ripple throughout our community and touch the lives of others. We offer a special thank you to the memory of Toni Morehead for a life well lived.
Rick Paczkowski
Kosciusko Home Care & Hospice Inc.
Warsaw, via e-mail