Editor, Times-Union:
When a person is elected to become a county commissioner, it is not a part time job. A commissioner is a commissioner 24/7. Commissioners get calls at home at all times of the day and night. Is someone that misses council meetings regularly ready to be a commissioner? It seems to me that the answer is self evident. I've listened to the talk of transparency. This is just another strawman set up to knock down.
Anyone that wants to go to commissioner meetings can go. What they discuss in meetings is regularly reported and it is public record. If you want to know what a commissioner is thinking on a particular subject all you have to do is pick up the phone and call and talk to them. People claiming that they can't find out what is going on are just making things up.
Bob Conley has been an advocate for the county's growth. He has been responsible and receptive to different ideas. He has been thoughtful and critical in making decisions. I don't know how we could expect more than what he has done. Bob has been a responsible leader in our community and will again receive my vote. I urge all who want to continue with responsible government to vote for Bob Conley.
Don Zolman
Pierceton, via email