Editor, Times-Union:
As most of you know there has come a cry from the people of the 22nd district in Indiana. They want representation. A voice that believes and votes their wishes and beliefs.
Now you might also wonder why I care.
You see when votes are cast, no matter where they’re from, they affect all of us. Not only that, but I work and shop in the 22nd district. I am involved in the Kosciusko County GOP, Kosciusko County Silent No More and member of the Lunchpail Republicans.
I met Curt Nisly at last year’s Kosciusko County Lincoln Day Dinner. When he called me to say he was considering a run for the 22nd District Representative seat, we met and talked about why he wanted to run, and what he could do for not only the district; but what Curt Nisly could and would do to restore the GOP to what it once was.
Curt has a desire to serve, and a conviction to protect the people’s rights and freedoms.
After enduring the lack of representation and attacks (not only in vote; but verbal communication) on our freedoms as an American citizen and Hoosier for the last four years, I feel it is time for a change.
It’s my pleasure as a Lunchpail Republican to endorse Curt Nisly in his run for our District 22 Representative seat for the State of Indiana.
Vote wisely, vote Curt Nisly this May 6.
George A. Dockery
Larwill, via e-mail