Editor, Times-Union:
Thank you to the people of Kosciusko County for going to the polls and casting their vote on Tuesday, May 6. The process of electing people to represent us as fellow members of our community is in place and works well if the citizens let the people elected know of their concerns and wishes. I’ve always believed that given the facts the voters will make the right decision as evidenced in this election.
I would like to thank my family for their support and understanding during this election. The meetings and time it takes to run a campaign is taxing and time consuming and they stood strong throughout the race. My wife, Sue, my daughter, Amanda, my sons, Nathan and Nelson, my son-in-law, Adam and my daughter-in-law, Leslie with our first grandchild, Ella (due this month).
I would like to wish Jon and Kaitlyn Fussle the best in the future and prayers to God for a safe and healthy delivery of their future arrival.
Again, thank you and I pledge to continue to do  my best to represent all of Kosciusko County to the best of my ability and work with the council to keep Kosciusko County one of, if not the best, places to be in Indiana.
Bob Conley
Warsaw, via email