Editor, Times-Union:
Recent events in Austin, Texas, during the efforts to pass legislation to protect women and unborn babies show how extreme Planned Parenthood is when its abortion-generated income is threatened.
In a series of events, the actions of pro-abortion activists (often led by Planned Parenthood) increasingly became more severe and threatening as legislation was being considered at the Texas statehouse. This legislation banned abortions after 20 weeks (5 months) and held abortion clinics accountable to meet the same basic health and safety standards of ambulatory surgical centers.
In the first attempt to pass this legislation and during pro-abortion State Senator Wendy Davis’ 11-hour filibuster, an unruly crowd of abortion supporters attempted to hijack the legislative process by creating chaos. Who was helping to lead this effort? The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards was actually encouraging the crowd with Twitter messages to “rush the floor” and “make some noise – louder!”
When the first legislative session was unsuccessful due to the chaos, Governor Rick Perry quickly scheduled a second special session to address the abortion bill. Planned Parenthood stepped up its efforts by opening its wallet (our tax money possibly?). An ad on Craig’s list announced a payout of $1,300 to $2,200 per month to individuals working to “expand global reproductive rights.” Those who called the number were told they would be working directly with Planned Parenthood. This group of protestors, wearing orange-colored shirts paraded around holding signs with obscene messages. Even young children were seen holding signs that referenced profanity and parts of the female anatomy.
As the final vote neared, the mob-like conditions increased.  Eye-witnesses reported chants coming from the mass of orange shirted protesters echoed through the walls, at times accompanied by barbaric screaming. The Department of Safety confiscated many items that protestors intended to throw at pro-lifers and legislators. Deputies had to move pro-lifers to separate rooms that were locked down and guarded to protect them.  During all of this, not once did Planned Parenthood issue a statement to denounce the dangerous and illegal behavior.
Cecile Richards was quoted on MSNBC that the reason the protests were taking place was because “the bills are so extreme and unpopular.” Apparently, the bills are so unpopular that Planned Parenthood had to pay protestors to be there. It is amazing that putting any limits on abortion and working to pass legislation with protections for women’s health would be considered extreme and worthy of illegal activity.
Austin, Texas, is just another example of the extreme nature of Planned Parenthood. No matter how much Planned Parenthood tries to project an image of a trusted health provider, when you look below the surface you find an extreme organization set on generating income at the expense of babies and their mothers.
Dave Koontz
Winona Lake, via e-mail