Editor, Times-Union:
Thursday, March 14, marked the (three-month) anniversary of the senseless school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. The families and community of that small town is still grieving and should be remembered in prayer.
But, by now for many of us this tragedy has been forgotten, our busyness and other news in past weeks including evil acts, murders seems to overshadow even that tragedy.
Sadly, almost 500 murders took place in the greater Chicago area in 2012 and I also wonder how many of those were innocent children.
I would like to challenge everyone to thank a school teacher, teacher's aid or staff this week for their courage and passion to help the families of our community with a very important task.    Teacher Appreciation Day for the teachers and staff of Pierceton Elementary is this Sunday morning at 10:30 at Bethel Baptist Church of Pierceton, a time of celebrating the joy of teaching and being encouragers.
Jim Baughman
Pierceton, via e-mail