Editor, Times-Union:
I am writing to urge my fellow voters to join me in voting for Stephen P. Harris in the upcoming primary election for judge of Superior Court 1.  I have had the privilege of calling Steve a friend my entire life, and I can attest that he has the personal attributes necessary to be an exceptional judge.  Steve is intelligent, honest, considerate, fair-minded and hard-working.  His devotion to his family, loyalty to his friends and service to the community are exemplary.
 As a client of Steve’s legal services I can also attest to the quality of his professional work.  His extensive legal practice of more than 25 years has given him a range and depth of experience that particularly qualifies him to serve on the judicial bench.
 Steve’s personal character and professional expertise make him an outstanding candidate for judge, a position whose responsibilities he would perform with distinction.  On May 6 please vote for Stephen P. Harris for judge of Superior Court 1.
James Harvuot
Warsaw, via email