Editor, Times-Union:
On behalf of the Tippecanoe Valley Community Mental Health Task Force: Thank you to Huntter Randall of Bowen Center for Human Services for the many hours of QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer) for Suicide Prevention Training provided for the entire Tippecanoe Valley staff and our community.
During six separate presentations, starting in August and concluding in March, Huntter taught over 400 adults and students (training was also provided for the Peer Facilitators at Tippecanoe Valley High School) how to identify the warning signs, clues, and communications of individuals considering suicide; how to question the person thinking about suicide; how to persuade them to get help; and, how to refer the individual to the appropriate resource for help.
Huntter did a masterful job of addressing a very difficult topic in a professional and enjoyable manner.  Because of his efforts, the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation and our community have an increased awareness of suicide and will be able to better help prevent this most preventable loss of life.  Thank you, Huntter Randall, for your service to our school corporation and our community.
Brett R. Boggs
Tippecanoe Valley Community Mental Health Task Force
via email