Editor, Times-Union:
My name is Katy.  I own a small landscaping business called Katy Did It.
On July 12 I was on a job site on EMS Lane T13.  I was away for awhile and two pieces of my equipment were taken.
Someone in a large extended blue/black pickup truck, dark hair about 25 to 30 years old, picked up my Stihl bp550 blower and my special-made gate for my trailer.
You were kind enough to ask one of the residents there if they knew who it belonged to. I hope you will kind enough to return it.
I am heartbroken. I had just purchased the blower in January and the gate was made special for me in May.  The total value of these items is $882.
Claiming insurance is going to hurt me more than help me.  I am a single mother making it out in the world.  Losing these will really hurt me financially.
If you have my equipment or know of its whereabouts.  Please contact me through Ace Hardware in North Webster at 574-834-2021 or bring the equipment in.  No questions will be asked.
Thank you for your time.
Katy Thomas
North Webster, via email