Editor, Times-Union:
If someone claims that they are against the status quo – yet support a politician who maintains the status quo for those who agree with the politician, then that someone is a charlatan. If you are going to hate both the Republicans and the Democrats, do not support a party that did a lot of what you are against 70 years ago. History books don’t generally tend to put a lot of substance to how the Nazi’s governed. But if you do your research, you generally tend to see how the Nazis were going to govern when they got into power.
On health care: The Nazis maintained the previous governments mandates for national health care, but just banned Jewish citizens from participating and Jewish doctors from practicing medicine.
On civil liberties/civil rights: The Enabling Act of 1933 gave Hitler’s government the right to pass laws – which was ultimately used to deny rights to Jews, Gypsys, homosexuals and political dissidents.
On military action: This one is generally self-explanatory. But the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece and the former Soviet Union. The invasion by the Nazis played a role in the deaths of approximately 50 million people worldwide during the second World War.
On big business: For being a socialist party, the Nazis did a horrible job at this. Hitler and the Nazi Party was funded by many of the financial and industrial elite in Germany and around the world, and found many followers who were wealthy (including Henry Ford, but more for his anti-Semitism). My guess is someone is upset that he doesn’t have any wealthy financial backers of their own.
On the Constitution: Hitler always made sure that there was a legal justification for what he was doing – even though it might appear to be unconstitutional. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We should remember that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was legal.” Even if that meant taking the freedom away from millions of people in Germany and throughout Europe, he had a legal justification to do so.
There are a few others that could probably be used. But I’ll let you read and try to compare to the Republicans and Democrats and see how different they are. My guess is that you’ll be surprised. You may continue to dislike the Republicans and Democrats if you wish, but I don’t believe your plans for government would fare any better.
Gary Eppenbaugh
Warsaw, via email