Editor, Times-Union:
As I have mentioned a few times over the years, my wife likes to keep a radio on at night and it’s a “talk radio” station at that.
WHP580 AM in Harrisburg, Pa., airs the syndicated program “Coast To Coast AM with George Noory.”
This program has offered some guests with common sense and some knowledge of subjects they claim experience in. On other nights, it almost seems as if every nut case in the country has crawled out from under a stone.
On a recent broadcast, George spoke with a man who claimed to be an “exorcist,” and told of some experiences he had in seeking to cast out a demon from a person was possessed.
He even made reference to entering a person’s home to his work “in the name of Jesus.”
The man’s description of events seemed along the lines of Biblical instruction, but then he told the radio host and listeners about “astral projection” and how “a person’s soul leaves their body when they are asleep.”
Having listened to Christian speakers, authors and others who are knowledgeable on such matters (Bob Larson, for one), I can tell you that this type stuff is nonsense.
This falls in line with the warning in the New Testament: “But evil men and seducers will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” 2 Timothy 3:13.
People have the responsibility in this day and age just prior to the return of Jesus Christ to use the mind which God gave them and seek to learn as much as is possible about these times in which we live.
Pray, just speak to God, ask him in the name of Jesus to open up your mind to wisdom, and help you gain a real understanding of his word.
We must all become more aware of what we read, listen to, or watch on the television, as there are those on air, or in print, who will say anything to gain money or power. These individuals are destroyers of their own souls, and seek to destroy as many others as possible.
Why? Simply because that is the essence of evil, and the sole purpose of it, to destroy!
There are people who speak the truth, but this is why people need to seek God’s help for wisdom. We all need to learn what he wants us to know, and this is possible!
We all need to learn discernment, to be able to distinguish truth from lies. There are some who try to mix lies with truth for the sole purpose of deception. Drug abuse is one type of deception.
In Revelation 9:21, it reads: “Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” I quoted the whole passage, but the main point I wanted to make concerns drug abuse. The use of the word “sorceries” is a reference as to how people would be addicted to various drugs and would not give up this habit to the detriment of their immortal souls.
Here in Pennsylvania, there have been a number of deaths due to heroin abuse. Hollywood and the entertainment business in America has glamorized the abuse of different drugs, selling this evil to young people. The result of such wickedness has been death for those who followed after their film on television “idols” (interesting how that word resurfaces) who indulged in misusing illicit, dangerous narcotics.
Times is short, and God does not mess around. We are all in need of the salvation made possible in Jesus Christ.
William Gerald Smith
Formerly of Warsaw
Lancaster, Pa.