Editor, Times-Union:
Enough is enough.
Ok we have tried it your way and look where we are at. Now let’s try it the “old school way” and get back to where we were with common sense, personal responsibility, morals and values, economic stability and less violence in society.
Put prayer back in the schools and spankings when needed, less focus on sports and more focus on our children’s education. When kids get in trouble place some of the responsibility on the parents. I’m willing to bet you will see more parents teaching their children correct behavior.
Less gun control and more violence control, guns are not evil. Evil is in the hearts and minds of people.
TV, Hollywood, and video games need to clean up their acts and show less porn and violence.
Stop sending money to the middle east and let them hate us for free! Give that money to our veterans, senior citizens and hungry children.
Round up all the illegals and send them back, opening up jobs for Americans who are out of work.
Review each welfare case and disability case for fraud, and if you are receiving tax money for help, have to pass a drug test to receive it. If the taxpayers have to take a drug test to give it to them they should have to pass a drug test to receive it, period!
I hear people bashing the young people today, we only hear of the bad ones in trouble. There are alot of good kids out there doing the right things. They deserve praise and a good old fashioned handshake. Recognize them too!
Folks, we are in trouble and need to change the course of this great nation.
And to our local politicians – here is my survey.
Mike Wood
Warsaw, via email