Editor, Times-Union:
As I patiently wait for my brother to come home from Afghanistan, I am still worried about the many soldiers who are still fighting for our freedom.
Most know about the struggles and sacrifices that our military men and women go through on a daily basis, but does anyone know that many are not being served a hot breakfast? As our government continues to withdrawal troops and non-combat personnel, and now with the government shutdown, there is no one there to prepare food, specifically breakfast, for the soldiers.  This makes it hard for our soldiers to get the proper nutrition that they so need to be able to perform their duties to the best of their ability.
Earlier this year the Kosciusko County Republican Women’s Group collected breakfast items to send to the troops overseas.  There was an outpouring of generosity from the county, with numerous local businesses collecting items as well.
Until they are all brought home, I want to please ask the readers to not forget the service men and women still serving overseas. You can send a box to any soldier, anywhere for $14.95.  The boxes are at any post office and there is no weight limit.
Trista Moyer
Proud sister of SPC. Christian Moyer
2/14 IN. B-Co