Editor, Times-Union:
I moved to the Warsaw area about a year and a half ago. One of the first things I did was to subscribe to the Times-Union, hoping to feel the pulse of the city.
I found the paper slanted big time toward the Republican party. However, there was a letter from John Bonitati which I found to be “refreshing.” It was titled “Progress.” It is pushing forward with progressive ideas without being blasted with negativity day in and day out.
This is our country, we need to look forward to new growth, new ideas to consider, to decide what works and move on it.
Does anyone out there remember the outrageous fuss that was made over the start of Medicare? For years I have said “What this country needs is a national health care plan.” I am tickled to pieces that I have lived to see it happen. Let's give it a chance!
Retta Jones
Warsaw, via email