Editor, Times-Union:
The American people seem to love horror stories and each year near Halloween they drag out a sequel of the murderous “Jason” killing or terrorize a group of people. Since 1976 the U.S. government has itself brought out about 17 cliff hangers of its own. In newspapers and on T.V. we see all kinds of dire consequences of the “shutdown.” So far nothing much happened.
This time the government layed off 800,000 non-essential people. Why are we paying people if they aren’t essential?
If I can believe the government, this administration has run up more debt than all of the presidents who have ever lived. Their own Congressional Budge Office issued a report warning of pending disaster if all of these entitlement programs aren’t reduced in some way. Neither Congress nor Obama paid any heed to it as of yet.
Supreme Court decisions all seen to 5 to 4. Thus it is one person making the rule. A conservative on the court this time joined the liberals and thus we have Obamacare.
Senator Obama said the fact we are even voting on increasing the debt limit shows the poor leadership of George Bush. Now he, like the Supreme Court member, turned around 180 degrees.
Mr. Kolbe by his own admission several letters back turned around to become a Democrat from a Republican. I really can’t criticize the Supreme Court member, Senator Obama, or Mr. Kolbe as I too, am a turncoat.
I grew up in a family of Democrats who worshiped Mr. Roosevelt; I always voted democrat for many years. I did so until I started reading some publications other than the “Police Gazette” and I began to change gradually.
Printing 85 billion dollars a month will cause the wage price spiral to keep going up. This must end sometime. You saw the rioting in Greece and Spain when they took the punch bowl away.
Eighty years ago I saw the pitched battles on our own Court House lawn. People’s goods and property being sold out to satisfy debts. Ball bats, tear gas bombs, sheriff deputies with sawed off shotguns. Now in my 90th year as a 10-year-old I “ain’t” forgot it.
I would like to see letters as to how you think it will end. I may offer a $100 prize for the best answer.
George Plew