Editor, Times-Union:
Now we’re even, Lonnie Slone. Every time I read your comments I shake my head.
It cost approximately $9,500 to have a child in this country, $60,000 a year for a college education. You need extra room, food, clothing and child care because most couples have to work. People get tired from working hard to get ahead, pay bills, and raise children. We don’t live in an era where a woman can afford to stay home anymore. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The Republican Party wants to subsidize large corporate farms, but they want to gut food stamps and health care. Give me a break. Responsible people need to be very careful about having a child these days and sometimes they make a mistake.
I still have not heard of a solution to the unwanted babies from you.
I think that the real problem here is that we need to move on in this country. We need to get religion out of politics. The United States is a business. We are all part of that business and we need to start looking at it that way. We need to stop the family squabbles. We need to compete with other countries for business and put our people to work. You have your beliefs and I have mine but for God’s sake stop standing on your soapbox and let’s get our country back to work.
Rose Baist