Editor, Times-Union:
We want to apologize for the anger that the last article of the Center has caused some people. We feel that if there were any comments to be made, they should have been made to us and not behind our backs as we are not deaf, we know that we were being talked about.
Three years ago my husband had brain surgery and had lost a lot of his memory. Going down to the Center visiting with the people his memory had come back on a lot of things. Just want to say thank you to some of the card players that has helped him - you know who you are - Bob C, Marvin, Danny, Jerry, Richard and Charlie B.
That was not our intentions to anger some of the people, but to inform members that don’t come regularly that there had been some changes to improve the looks of the place – mentioned early the paint job to brighten up the place – new curtains instead of the old blinds, we have new tables and chairs. Granted, the tables are a little uncomfortable to sit around with the two cross bars across from one another, but you do get use to it.
Saddened to say my husband no longer wishes to come to the Center regarding certain comments that were made toward him. We feel at this time we are no longer welcomed at the center.
Leonard and Beth Sexton